Call for Abstracts: ISASH 2024

The International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) invites abstract submissions for the 2024 Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Several types of submissions are sought:

  • Research abstracts
    • Standard oral presentations (15 minutes)
    • Program and research posters (36×48 inch poster)
  • Colloquium/Panel  abstracts (50 minutes)
    • Include 3-4 speakers, plus a discussion leader  or  1-3 facilitators and interactive components and active engagement from attendees
    • Presentations should tie together themes, but not components of the same project or line of inquiry
    • Should include interactive components and active engagement from attendees
  • If interested in hosting a full-day or half-day workshop please contact Gretchen Mosher and Salah Issa

Submission detail:

ISASH is an organization dedicated to the professional development of agricultural safety and health professionals, providing national and international leadership in preventing agricultural injuries and illnesses to the agricultural community. ISASH provides opportunities for sharing information about research and intervention programs, improving professional skills and knowledge, networking and other supportive activities.

Submissions addressing any aspect of agriculture, forestry, and fishing health will be considered. All submissions are to be in English, the official language of the conference.

ISASH conferences are designed for agricultural safety professionals and practitioners who are interested in health and safety research, education, practice, and policy. ISASH members and conference participants represent a growing number of countries.

ISASH encourages presentations on specific safety and health themes as they apply in agricultural settings. This includes a broad range of efforts and techniques aimed at reducing hazards and improving the safety and health of agricultural producers, family members, employees, and visitors to farms, ranches, and other agricultural worksites.

ISASH is committed to facilitating the development of future agricultural safety and health professionals and researchers. For this reason, students are strongly encouraged to submit their research to ISASH on the topics noted below. In addition to presenting research, students will have opportunities for professional development and networking.

The following topics are examples of what an ISASH abstract could address:

  • Youth and aging challenges
  • Rural resilience and mental health
  • One health approaches
  • Working with livestock
  • Grain bin safety
  • Machine and equipment safety
  • Pesticide and agricultural chemical exposures
  • Surveillance, outreach, promotion, and evaluation programs
  • Other related and relevant topics


All abstracts are peer-reviewed by the ISASH Professional Improvement Committee or experts selected by the committee. The review applies the following criteria:

    1. Significance of the topic/problem to agricultural, forestry, and fishing safety and health
    2. Innovation and novelty of concept, method, program or intervention
    3. Contribution to the science and/or practice in agricultural safety and health
    4. Technical quality of the abstract including: writing style, language, and clarity in describing the need, purpose, objectives, methods, program/project features, findings, conclusions, and practical field applications
Type of Presentation Abstract Deadline Acceptance Notification
Oral presentations February 9, 2024 April 2024
Program and research posters March 1, 2024 April 2024
Type of Presentation Abstract Deadline Acceptance Notification
Colloquium/Panel Abstracts February 9, 2024 April 2024

Questions? Please contact Gretchen Mosher or Salah Issa, PI Committee Co-Chairs

Gretchen – or 515.294.6416
Salah – or 217.333.3570