ISASH Endowment

Facts about the ISASH Endowment

Endowment funds operate within the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR AGRICULTURE SAFETY and Health, INC. which is a 501(c)(3), non-profit educational organization.

Use of the endowment funds will be in support of the mission of the ISASH Organization

Funds are managed by the Endowment Fund Committee Trustees

The ISASH Endowment shall be restricted to the use of only the proceeds earned, non of the principle amount may be used

The ISASH Board of Directors shall elect the Endowment Fund Committee Trustees. The Committee should be active past presidents. The Committee shall elect of of its own as chair. The current President, Treasurer and Finance Officer shall be Ex-Officio members of the Committee.

Funds in the Endowment are held on accounts separate from ISASH operating funds


Use of Funds

  • To improve member services
  • To grow the membership of ISASH
  • To provide funds for ISASH
  • To support significant changes that could bring about major safety and health benefits to the agriculture sector
  • To support the professional growth of agriculture safety and health professionals
  • To provide mini-grants for research
  • To provide funds for students to attend and present at ISASH annual meetings

Disbursement of Fund

All requests for funds shall be submitted to the Endowment Fund Committee Trustees for their approval

Disbursements will be limited to proceeds earned in the previous year

Proceeds not spent in the present fiscal year will be invested in the principal of the Endowment Fund and not carried forward for disbursement in another year