AD Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees are appointed on an as needed basis.  Currently, there are four Ad Hoc Committees.  The function of these committees is as follows:

Nominating – The Nominating Committee develops a slate of nominations for the Board of Directors.  The Nominating Committee consists of the President-Elect, who is automatically the Chair, and two Full Members appointed by the President.  The selected slate of candidates should be equal in number to twice the number of board positions to be filled.

Program Planning – The Program Planning Committee is responsible for the planning, development and coordination of the programs for the Annual Meeting and Conference.  The Host of the Annual Meeting and conference typically serves as the Chair and recommends the committee membership, to be approved by the President.

ATV Issues – Membership will include members from the Farm, Homestead and Leisure Time, the Traffic and Transportation, and the Tractor and Machinery Issue Area Committees as well as other individuals as the Chair deems prudent.

Ad Hoc committee on Web Site Management – Memberhsip will include one Board member, one Co-Chair of the Public Relations Committee and a member at large.  The committee will serve as a guide to the Secretary on web site management, content, space allocations and specific criteria and guidelines to follow in the placement of materials on the site.