Committee Minutes

Date: June 23, 2013

Conference: International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH)

Location: Sandusky, OH

Members Present: Jim Williams, Aaron Yoder, Dennis Murphy, Bruce Johnson, ex-officio for BOD, Mike DeSpain, ex-officio for BOD.

Minutes: The committee discussed media coverage which included last year’s National Farm Safety and Health Week release crediting ISASH with information and various efforts. Scott Heiberger led that effort and we were aware of results from media calls and clips. Chairman Williams said he would be remiss if he did mention that his wife`s home town paper had a major insert about the week. There was also discussion about how our international scope might be a factor in the future with the week because Canada and other countries do the week at different times.

The committee also plans to work on media releases about National Farm Safety and Health Week, our award winners, and perhaps endowment information for the coming year.

The committee asked the Board to approve the continuation of the President’s letter following the example in the past year by Chairman Cook. Budgets were submitted earlier to provide for the 2014 work planned by the PR Committee. General PR is budgeted at $1,000, Web Site/Home page at $2,900 and a promotion needs budget of $1,000 which others may also use.

Emphasis of the committee will continue to focus on the update of our website which is underway. During the past year our primary focus has been the website which has been led by Amy Rademaker. Earlier in the year, the committee requested and received support from The Board to eliminate the Ad Hoc Web Committee and make it an effort of the PR Committee. Aaron Yoder came forward and agreed to be the liaison between the PR Committee and designer. We also requested approval from Board to switch and use a new website vendor. We held 2-3 conference calls where the group identified needed changes and then the committee made key decisions on what to change.

Thanks to Aaron Yoder for all his work which you heard about a few minutes ago. (He gave a separate report on the web site to the Business Meeting prior to this report) We plan to finish the web update before we initiate work on social media. We think this web effort is a key to building our brand.

Note: After the meeting several things occurred.

• Dennis Murphy resigned from the committee because of too much other work.

• The Issue area committee, Family, Farmstead and Leisure decided to request approval from the Board to use social media to broaden awareness and information about National Farm Safety and Health Week. This issue has since been referred back to our Comm. Sharry Nelsen thought she was on the committee for the past year but was left off the list and is invited for the coming year.

Respectfully submitted, Jim Williams

Date: June 23, 2013 Conference: International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) Location: Sandusky, OH Members Present: Ronald Hawkins, Charlotte Halverson, Marsh Purcell, Board of Directors (BOD), Chris Shivers, ex-officio for BOD, Karen Funkenbusch, ex-officio for BOD. Minutes: Agenda: 1. Review and acceptance of previous meeting notes – reviewed and accepted. 2. Current membership status: 87 full members, 77 associate members, 3 student members, 8 retired members, 2 charter members, 4supporting members – American farm Bureau, Deere and Company, American equipment Manufacturers, Missouri Farm Bureau. 3. Preparation for new member/first time attendee breakfast on June 24: Name tag ribbons are available at the registration site for all new members. Lapel pins will be given to attendees at the breakfast. Pins will be made available for others during the conference activities. Thank you to Jack Davis for organizing this project. Committee members and several BOD members plan to attend the breakfast. There are at least 18 new members registered for this annual June conference. Small posters will be up to indicate and invite new members. 4. Member brochure: ISASH brochures have been updated and available on the web site. The new version of the brochure will be available during the conference. Thank you to Tammy Ellis for spearheading this effort. 5. Member – get – a member: the final tally for recruited members will be available form Nancy by tomorrow (Monday). A $25 American Express gift card will be given to the person who has recruited the highest number of new members and will be presented at the Wednesday evening banquet. 6. Update on re-design of membership categories: Karen Funkenbusch and Chris Shivers updated the committee members on the proposed changes to associate membership status and transfer to full member status. It would eliminate the request and approval process through the Membership committee. It has also been suggested that retired members have a minimal fee to insure voting privileges on member issues. A committee discussion will take place at the August phone conference committee meeting and comments will be forwarded to the Board of Directors at that time. 7. Budget report: The Membership committee has requested a line item budget for $1,200 for the coming fiscal year. (This was later approved by the Board of Directors). 8. ISASH banners for Canadian members: A decision was made to provide a set of ISASH pop up banners for Canadian members to use for provincial and national meetings. A set is currently housed in Europe and a similar set for Canada will cost $400. The money is available in the line item budget and this action was approved at the May Membership committee meeting. It was reported that there is an additional set of banners available and can be sent to Canadian members immediately. This action will take place at the conclusion of this annual meeting. 9. New ideas for membership recruitment and retention: • The Farm Bureau membership could be contacted for promotion of membership – suggested by Marsh Purcell. Thank you, Marsha • Increase communication with previous conference attendees, presenters, and ISASH supporters via personal note cards/letters from Board members and/or Membership committee members. Both suggestions were deemed very reasonable and the ex-officio members will carry the suggestion to the next Board meeting. This suggestion will be passed on at the next committee meeting in August. This report submitted by Charlotte Halverson.
Date: June 23, 2013 Conference: International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) Location: Sandusky, OH Members Present: . Co-Chair LaMar Grafft, and ex-officio members Deb Reed and Bruce Johnson attended. Minutes: The ISASH Research and Development Committee met on Sunday, June 23 from 2:45-4:00 pm. The current primary purpose of the R & D Committee is to review journal articles and determine if they should be recognized for excellence by ISASH. The committee reviewed the fact that several papers had been submitted by authors, and others were selected for consideration by co-chairs David Hard and LaMar Grafft. Subsequently, the R & D Committee has selected some 25 articles from 2006-2012 to be cited. The papers/authors will be recognized at the ISASH banquet on June 26, 2013, the authors will be sent a plaque for their achievement, and they will be listed on the ISASH website. Due to the small attendance and participation, some discussion was held regarding membership on the committee. It was noted that in addition to the co-chairs, membership on this committee includes the chair of each of the Issue Area Committees, and members at-large, appointed by the president. The committee will ask incoming president, Chris Shivers, to appoint up to three new members to the committee. Respectfully submitted by LaMar Grafft, co-chair for the Research & Development Committee.
Date: June 24, 2013 Conference: International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) Location: Sandusky, OH Members Present: Jeny Talas, Steve Freeman, Marsha Cheyney, Gayle Olson, Kari Harland, Marsha Salzwedel, Bernard Geschke, Ellen Duysen, Sandy Miller, Glen Hetzel, Jim Williams, Deborah Reed, Shari Burgus, Marsha Purcell Chairman: Kathy Mann Co-Chairman: Ellen Duysen Minutes: Agenda Item: Meeting Called to Order Kathy Mann called the meeting to order. Kathy will send the 2012 minutes to attendees of the 2013 session after the meeting. Agenda Item: Introductions Attendees introduced themselves and told about their organizations and ongoing projects related to family, farmstead and leisure. Agenda Item: Old Business No old business was discussed. Agenda Item: New Business Kathy Mann introduced a plan for a social media campaign based on an Extension program called “Back to the Kitchen”. (Handout) Kathy proposed that as a committee we would create a five-day safety campaign during National Farm Safety Week (3rd full week in September) that would be disseminated via social marketing sites (facebook, twitter, websites and email). Kathy has corresponded with Dan Neenan to ensure that this plan would fit into the Safety Week agenda. Dan was positive about the plan. The theme for this year’s campaign is: “Working Together in Safety in Agriculture”. Discussion: • Monthly or quarterly messages are effective in reinforcing knowledge. • Use this project to introduce various safety related topics. • Use of a communications specialist to help craft the messages. • Importance of having the message approved by each of the organizations represented. • The audience needs to be defined. Will farm parents be targeted? • Will the message be branded as an ISASH message? • Inquire to the ISASH board about whether a Facebook page could be established. • Use of the Children’s Center messages that have been used on the 2013 calendar. These are prepared and ready to go. • The idea of establishing an ISASH calendar with a safety message o Cost ($2000-3000 to design), postage o Labor • Each participating organization in addition to ISASH could be part of the release. • Use Safety Week as a “blitz” followed by a message every month. A motion was raised and approved by all to ask the board to approve a Facebook page. Kathy will set up a teleconference with attendees to discuss this campaign. Agenda Item: PI session ideas for 2014. Kathy handed out a list of previous sessions. Ideas proposed: • Falls from platforms (guarding) • Young and new worker education • Immigrant issues • Elderly issues • Knowledge Mobilization (resource sharing, best practices for educational dissemination) revitalization of NASD, E-extension • Returning veterans going into farming (AgrAbility) Start to Farm (Sam Steele) Farm Bureau is involved in this issue. • Grandparents on the farm (child safety issues) Agenda Item: Election of new chair people Kathy proposed the she stay as chairman and Ellen as co-chair through the 2014 conference. This will greatly relieve Ellen’s stress as she assists in hosting the 2014 conference. No objections. Agenda Item: Question regarding purpose of committee It was explained that historically this committee covered what didn’t fall under other committees. It was suggested that in 2014 the host committee explain these committees and invite new members. Agenda Item: Program Updates • Deborah Reed- (KY) Finishing up a 2 year study on aging farmers. This is a growing interest for safety and health professionals. Consensus statements have been issued. • Gayle Olson-(IA) Announced MRASH conference to be held Nov 19-20, 2013 in Ames IA- “Many Faces of Agriculture”. The site visits will reflect the theme. • Bernard Geschke-(NE) Progressive Ag Safety Day Camps will reach over 100,000 kids in 2013. This organization is extending its reach to South America. • Shari Burgus (IA) Farm Safety for Just Kids has a new look, a new website and new colors. Educational materials will be available off the website at no cost. Check them out. • Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health (IA) has developed a compendium with reviewed articles and videos. This is an ongoing process. Agenda Item: Adjourn Marsha made a motion to adjourn. Kari seconded the motion.
Date: June 23, 2013 Conference: International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) Location: Sandusky, OH Members Present: Janet Ehlers (Chair),Tom Karsky, Shari Burgus, Natalie Roy, Glen Hetzel, Risto Rautiainen, Carolyn Sheridan Ex-Officios: Ann Carruth, Karen Funkenbusch Members absent: Marcel Hacault, John Slocomb, Howard Douglas, Gary Erisman Minutes: ISASH Professional Improvement Committee was called to order at 1:30. Agricultural Safety and Health Core Knowledge & Basic Competencies Dr. Kelley Donham was invited to give an update on a concept plan to offer courses in conjunction with ISASH meetings. The working title of the course is: Core knowledge in agricultural safety and health. These course plans were presented earlier by Kelley Donham and Dennis Murphy to the ISASH board. Kelley provided a copy of the draft plans to participants. The goal of the course is to increase professionalism and to contribute to common knowledge base among agricultural safety and health professionals. This course is primarily designed to new professionals entering the agricultural safety and health field. It has been modified from the existing ‘Building Capacity’ agricultural medicine course that has been offered in several states for several years. The new concept and topics have been developed in a consensus process with meetings of experts in 2008 and 2012. The current agricultural medicine course would be substantially augmented with safety content. The course could be offered as a 3-4 day course either in one year, or divided into two or three sessions in consecutive years. Participants would need to take an exam and they would receive a certificate after completing the course components and exams. The course would start in 2015. From the PI Committee’s perspective, the timing of this training is important, whether it should replace the Thursday PI sessions or be offered pre or post ISASH conference. Pre-conference training is common and that was favored by the PI committee. The course concept was discussed in detail. The following motion made by Shari Burgus and seconded by Glen Hetzel was approved unanimously: the PI committee is in favor of the concept of the Professional Development Certificate course and refers to the ISASH board to take action on exploring it further. Unfinished business: Shari Burgus raised a question if there is a need to update the Abstract review form and the review process. This year we received 78 abstracts, likely record number. The abstract instructions were updated in the fall of 2012 and a new category, Programs of Excellence category was added, requested by the Ohio organizing committee. The review process this year seemed to go well, and it was more timely compared to previous years, even with the high number of abstracts. There may be no urgency to make major changes to the call for abstracts, but the abstract form itself and descriptions of the evaluation criteria need some rewording to make it clear and consistent. The online submission system has been managed by University of Idaho. Chip Petrea is in the process of transferring it to University of Illinois IT system. This would be a good time to make changes. The new Programs of Excellence poster session caused some confusion; it was not clear to authors how it was different from other categories. Chip can give feedback on questions he received. Those who wish to exhibit need to know that they are expected to submit an abstract just as other do for posters. For Nebraska 2014 meeting, the new category may be dropped going back to just one abstract category for posters and one for displays, plus other traditional categories. A new question about how the presenter found information about the call for abstracts could be added in the form. About the process; the idea has been presented to the board and it should potentially be brought to the whole membership. Decision: The issue of abstract form and review process was tabled for further discussion in the upcoming conference call. Request for Action from the board: 1. The PI committee is in favor of the concept of the Professional Development Certificate course and refers to the ISASH board to take action on exploring it further. 2. The PI committee requests that notices of conferences be disseminated more broadly, including to everyone who participated in the ISASH conference the last three years (regardless if they are current members). Other issues: The concept of offering ISASH meeting sessions or individual talks live online, or archived was discussed. The Omaha meeting team will explore the issue. Janet Ehlers has requested $4000 from the ISASH board to cover CRE and taping (and editing). New Business: None Next meeting: August 2013, date to be announced later. Respectively submitted, Risto Rautiainen, Secretary pro tem Janet Ehlers, Co-chairperson
Date: June 24, 2013 Conference: International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) Location: Sandusky, OH Members Present: See end of minutes Minutes: I. Call to order Kris Johnson called to order the regular meeting of the Rural and Occupational Health Committee at 3:30 pm on Monday June 24, 2012 at Sawmill Creek Resort, Sandusky Ohio. II. Introductions Kris Johnson conducted a roll call. Nineteen members/visitors were present: Refer to Rural and Occupational Health Committee Attendance Sheet. Introductions were given III. Approval of Agenda Kris Johnson distributed the draft agenda. The draft agenda was approved with 2 additions (see below — IX, X) IV. Approval of minutes from last meeting Kris Johnson distributed the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as distributed. Motion to adopt by Natalie Roy and seconded by Marsha Purcell. Motion was carried. V. Old Business a. Topics of interest for 2013 conference i. Include Mental Health in 2014 Action item for the board: Research whether the Mental Health issues was communicated to Planning and PI committees. Motion to carry this forward by Janet Ehlers, 2nd Natalie. Motion carried. ii. Question if these recommendations are shared with the Board and Planning committee – Marsha Purcell to make sure this is taken to these committees b. ISASH website updates: Jim Williams gave report– PR committee updating website with the help of several people. Will have preview at the business meeting on Wednesday. c. Continuing education credits at ISASH conference: Natalie Roy stated there should be discussion for a motion to give same recommendation that was given in 2012 meeting. (2012 — Motion made to create continuing education credits. Consider all eligible designations) Janet Ehlers stated that there has been a request for money to proceed with this process. Janet also gave brief overview of the process to accomplish this which can be a difficult job. This includes needing information earlier from presenters/speakers. Discussed need to pursue Nursing and Professional Health Educators. This motion has been discussed in previous years and would like to bring this forward again. Janet Stated request has been made for $4000 to assist with this process. Discussion on taping and streaming portions of 2014 conference as an option. Discussed trying to get this done for some parts of Omaha, ISASH conference in 2013. Could possibly generate more interest and revenue. Several suggestions to improve the process from individuals who have done this with their current or previous jobs. Action item for Board: Natalie Roy proposed a Motion: The ISASH board agrees to provide a minimum of 4 hours of continuing education credits at the 2014 ISASH conference. This could include various health professionals and related occupations. 2nd Shari. Motion carried. Note: this decision needs to made in adequate time for planning purposes) d. EPA regulations for pesticide use: New manual for Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisoning. Link to EPA for this online resource and to order copies that will be shipped at no cost. The new PDF resources is not up on the website yet but will be there soon. VI. Emerging occupational health concerns a. Penn State – dairy industry bedding with Gypsum results in hydrogen sulfite gases well above OSHA PPM limits. Suggestion for Health Hazard Evaluation from NIOSH. b. Discussion on the importance of the PI committee providing more time at ISASH for the emerging issues. Host committee need to consider these as high priority. Consider having a process to designate things as emerging issues. Round Robin email was also mentioned. VII. New resources aimed to improved occupational health care: No discussion VIII. Future vision for ISASH and the health care needs of agricultural producers: a. Matt Keifer – insurance coverage is variable. The insurance code in some states may in some cases state this. Matt stated this is the case in Wisconsin. This may be considered workers compensation. Producers may not be able to be obtaining workers compensations. Several issues were brought up. States are different. Different rules and regulations. Action item for Board: Motion made by Matt Keifer that topics that should be covered at the 2014 conference should include: • Affordable Care and impact on Agriculture • Workers compensation and non -worker compensation insurance coverage for agricultural workers and producers 2nd Charlotte Halverson. Motion carried IX. Election of new co- chair: Carolyn Sheridan Motion Natalie, 2nd Janet Ehlers. Motion carried X. Other: Information on 2014 conference will be available in November or December and will follow the same timeline as last year. XI. Adjournment Adjourned the meeting at 4:45 pm. Minutes submitted by: Carolyn Sheridan Minutes approved by: Kris Johnson Rural and Occupational Health Committee Participants – 2013 Shari Burgus – Jim Williams – Carolyn Sheridan – Natalie Roy – Marsha Purcell – Teresa Schnetzer – Susan Jones – susan Mary Fleming – Janet Ehlers – Mary Cramer – Mary Wendal Dave Hill Dan Hofstetter Jaime Thissen Ellen Heywood Charlotte Halverson Matt Keifer
Date: June 24, 2013 Conference: International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) Location: Sandusky, OH Members Present: Participants listed at end of minutes Minutes: 1) Call to order and introductions: Meeting was called to order by co-chairs Sam Steel and John Hubbard at 3:30pm. Sam Steel provided detailed fire exit instructions for attendees in case of an emergency. An introduction was provided by Sam Steel and John Hubbard to attendees reviewing the purpose of the committee and format of the combined meeting. 2.) Review of 2013 meeting agenda: A combined agenda was provided to attendees for review. Sam Steel provided a correction to the agenda that the date was incorrect for the meeting. The 2012 minutes were provided to attendees for review. 3) Review and approval of the 2012 minutes: John Hubbard called for any discussion on the 2012 minutes. There was no discussion. John Hubbard then called for a motion to accept the 2012 minutes. Dennis Murphy moved to accept the 2012 minutes seconded by David Hard. Attendees voted unanimously in favor of accepting the 2012 minutes. 4) Old Business a.) Rural Bridge Failures and Increased Equipment Weight John Hubbard called for discussion. John Hubbard discussed that MDOT the department of transportation for Mississippi painted a bleak picture that money was not there to repair or improve rural bridges. John Hubbard added that the weight limits were being lowered by MDOT for rural bridges. John Hubbard stated that this item would be removed from the agenda if there was no further discussion. Mike Weber was given the floor for discussion. Mike Weber explained that current conditions in Wisconsin are proving to be unsafe and challenging and legislature is facing some changes to be implemented. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is currently doing a study on vehicle classification and permitting system that could affect agricultural equipment. This would include commercial vehicles used in agriculture. Mike Weber added that he discussed this with the Wisconsin Legislature committee that ag equipment was increasing in size and weight but the infrastructure, road and bridge design rules for traffic had not. Mike Weber stated that he expected changes to occur this fall as proposed legislation and to stay tuned that this item should not be removed from old business. Mike /Weber noted this was in reaction to heavy pieces equipment in particular manure transport vehicles. John Hubbard noted that if the item was removed but as more developed on this topic that it could be added back as an item of business of the committee. John Hubbard called for any further discussion. Sam Steel was given the floor. Sam Steel discussed the grading of highways and bridges by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Sam Steel noted that the grade had improved from a “D” to a “D+.” Sam Steel recommended that the committee might not want to remove this item until the grade improved to “C” Sam Steel then passed the report around for committee members to review. Ronald Hawkins asked Sam Steel if the report was available on the web and if so what the IP address was. Sam Steel provided Sam Steel read the concluding remarks of the report that “if we are to raise our national infrastructure grades to acceptable levels across all 16 sectors touched on this report it would take 3.6 trillion dollars in total investment needed by the year 2020.” John Hubbard called for any further discussion. No further discussion was provided. b.) ATV ISASH subcommittee status John Hubbard asked if there were any members present that were assigned to that committee. Sam Steel was the only member present on the ATV ISASH subcommittee that was originally formed. Sam Steel provided the background that the subcommittee was formed three years ago. Sam Steel noted that the chair of the subcommittee retired the year the subcommittee was formed. The subcommittee had not met as a group. Sam Steel noted that there was a ATV plenary session and this is a safety issue in Pennsylvania. Sam Steel was not sure if any formal actions needed to be taken on the subcommittee right now. John Hubbard called for any further discussion. David Hard was recognized and noted that if the subcommittee was to remain that a chair should be appointed or ask for a volunteer so that there could be some activity. Michele Proctor was recognized and asked for the original purpose and goals of the subcommittee. Sam Steel was recognized and noted that there was a lot of incident reports involving ATVs and the chair at the time suggested that we take a closer look at the issue by forming a subcommittee of people who are interested. Sam Steel recommended that a chair be selected for the subcommittee. Dee Jepsen was recognized and noted that the conference planning committee was working on this issue in response to abstract submission. Dee Jepsen provided a summary of the format and content of the ATV plenary session for the 2013 ISASH conference. Dee Jepsen recommended that the committee should wait to see what comes out of the session and what might be needed as a next step for the subcommittee. John Hubbard called for discussion on the vision for the subcommittee. Hank Cole noted current research being done at the University of Kentucky on ATV safety related to biomechanics and fitting ATVs to individual riders. Sam Steel noted that not using proper personal protective equipment was an issue. John Hubbard called for further discussion on the purpose of the committee. Dave Robertson provided comments on the issues regarding children and extra riders on ATV. Dave Robertson recommended that the subcommittee look at fitting or sizing ATVs to youth riders. Chuck Schwab recommended that the committee chairs appoint a subcommittee chair and members to the subcommittee and report back on their meeting regarding their purpose or initiatives. John Hubbard called for a volunteer to chair the subcommittee on ATV issues. Dave Robertson volunteer and was appointed for 12 months until the next ISASH meeting. Jimo Ibrahim was appointed co-chair. Hank Cole and Sam Steel volunteered to serve on the subcommittee. John Hubbard called for any further discussion on the ATV subcommittee. No further discussion was provided. c.) Farm Safety and Health Week – September 15-21, 2013 John Hubbard called for any discussion. Sam Steel provided that these were the dates that have been set for this year. Sam Steel explained that Farm Safety and Health week is the third full week in September of every year. Sam Steel explained that there is a theme and to visit the NECAS website or contact Gloria Reiter. John Hubbard called for any other discussion. No further discussion was provided d) Misuse of the SMV Emblem – Status of Board Letter to Manufacturers John Hubbard explained at the last meeting there was a directive that was posted to write a letter to the manufactures. David Hard was recognized and explained that Scott Cedarquist had volunteered to do this and was not able to be here at this meeting today. David Hard shared that Scott Cedarquist provided him with the draft letter. David Hard read the draft letter aloud to the committee. David Hard submitted the letter for consideration of the committee. John Hubbard called for discussion of the letter. Ronald Hawkins moved that the committee submit a resolution for the ISASH Board of Directors approval sending the letter to manufacturers with the endorsement of the ISASH president. David Hard seconded the motion. John Hubbard called for any discussion. Seeing none John Hubbard called for members to vote. Motion passed. e) ROPS Retrofit Update Reports were made by Jim Carrabba, Erin Madden, Dennis Murphy, George Cook, Hank Cole, and David Hard on the status of current rebate programs to retrofit tractors without ROPS. Hank Cole expressed concerns that funding was a critical issue for the success of the ROPS rebate programs. Ronald Hawkins explained that North Carolina Farm Bureau did not advertise the program but had generated a lot of interest from farmers. David Hard explained that there is a national effort currently under development. Michael Weber provided comments on current efforts by aftermarket manufacturers of ROPS to reduce prices of ROPS kits. Hank Cole expressed that homemade ROPS was a concern in Kentucky. John Hubbard asked where someone could find the price of ROPS. Hank Cole stated that Mark Purschwitz had that information. John Hubbard called for any further discussion. No further discussion was provided. f) Update on OSHA Activities related to the agricultural industry John Hubbard called for updates on OSHA activities related to the agricultural industry. Jim Carrabba provided an update on an OSHA LEP (local emphasis program) in Idaho. Sam Steel gave an update on the landscape and horticulture OSHA issues dealing with compliance PPE and written hazard communication programs. John Hubbard called for any further discussion. No further discussion was provided. g) ASABE Standards Update John Hubbard called for updates on ASABE standard developments. David Hard provided an update on three standards that have been worked on during the past year. David Hard provided a summary of the restructuring of ASABE to align core disciplines with sustainability initiatives and the impact on safety focus. Additional information was provided on the MOU between ASABE and Agricultural Equipment Manufactures on the safe sustainable use of agricultural equipment. Michael Weber provided comments on ISO updates. David Hard provided the attached notes from his update. h) AEM update Michael Weber provided an update on a best practices guidance bulletin remote refueling of off-road equipment. The document was circulated among the committee members. Michael Weber reviewed the document and called for input on interest to support the document. Dennis Murphy moved to provide a resolution be approved by the ISASH Board that ISASH endorse the document by providing an ISASH logo to be printed on the bulletin and was seconded by David Hard. John Hubbard called for any further discussion on the motion. There was no further discussion. Motion passed. i) EPA update on evaluation of ammonia risks No update was provided 5) New Business John Hubbard called for any new business. John Hubbard provided comments on inventor idea share program that worked to provide assistance to producers. John Hubbard asked for discussion on an idea exchange for assistive technology. Gail Lapierre and Ronald Hawkins provided comments to clarify the intention of the activity. David Hard provided comments that it might be overwhelming to do. Dee Jepsen commented that the National AgrAbility meeting conducts a similar activity. Dee Jepsen moved to recommend to the 2014 ISASH conference planning committee consider holding a plenary session for AgrAbility best practices and innovations and was seconded by Gail Lapierre. John Hubbard called for any further discussion. No further discussion was provided. Motion passed. Chuck Schwab moved to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by David Hard. Motion Passed. Meeting was adjourned by John Hubbard. Number of Attendees: 43 members and guests Members Present: Gail Lapierre, Eugenio Cavollo, Marty Tatman, Gary Huitink, Sarry Nielsen, Chris Shivers, George Cook, Dennis Murphy, Renee Anthony, Fred Gerr, Mitch Greenan, Nate Fethke, Mike DeSpain, Serap Gorcu, Ronald Hawkins, LeRoy Bauder, Dee Jepsen, Cheryl Jervis, Jimo Ibrahim, Glen Hetzel, Sandy Miller, Bill Field, Rohan Judhar, Michele Proctor, Jeny Talas, Dave Robertson, Naomi Stoltefus, Pall a Stoltefus, Wayne Hochstetler, Lorene Hochstetler, Dennis Ray, Jim Carrabba, Erin Madden, David Hard, Henry Cole, Michael Weber, Karl Klotebach, Michael Pate, LaMar Grafft, Dewey Mann, Charles Schwab, Same Steel, John Hubbard