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Author(s)TitlePaper NumberYearCategorySeasonDocument
Anderson, Cory A.Causative Factors of Crashes Between a Motor Vehicle and the Amish and Old Order Mennonite Horse and Buggy10-012010Animals
Myers, Melvin L.Aquacultural Hazards Identified by Governmental Reports in the United States10-022010Governmental
Cole, Henry P.Chores at Times of Fatal and Non-fatal Injuries from10-032010Injury/Fatality
Lundqvist, Peter and Catharina Alwall SvennefeltEvaluation of Small-scale Farm Safety Extension Service10-052010Emergency/Preparedness
Mann, Andrew J., William E. Field, Ph.D., Brian F. French, and Roger L. TormoehlenEstablishing a Database of Reliable Exam Items for Curricula10-062010Education/Programming
Lincoln, Jennifer M. and Devin L. LucasCommercial Fishing Deaths Ð United States, 2000-200911-??2011Injury/Fatality
Myers, Melvin L.Avocational Farmers and the Tractor Overturn Hazard11-012011Tractors
Myers, Melvin L., Henry P. Cole, Susan C. Westneat, Walter B. Stephens, and Gregory A. IbendahlTractor Exposure Assessment on Catfish Farms in Mississippi11-022011Tractors
Rummer, Bob and John KlepacThrown Object Hazards in Forest Operations11-052011Worker Environment
Garland, John JUnderstanding the Idaho Timber Workforce11-062011Worker Environment
Rieder, Steven M. and William E. FieldEstimation of the Frequency, Severity and Primary Causative Factors Associated with Injuries and Fatalities Involving Confined Spaces in Agriculture11-082011Injury/Fatality
Mosher, Gretchen A. and Charles R. Hurburgh Jr. The Role of Trust and Safety Climate in Agricultural Safety Decision-Making11-092011Miscellaneous
Rautiainen, Risto, Greg Thessen, Shari Burgus, and Kared FunkenbuschInjuries in Non-Traditional Farming - Linking an Injury Survey with 2007 Ag Census Data11-102011Injury/Fatality
Hennenfent, Andrew K. and Robert A. AherinOccupational Risk Factors for the Modern Large Animal Veterinarian11-132011Worker Environment
Simpson, Christopher D. and Michael PaulsenMeasurement of Chlorpyrifos Adducts to Plasma Cholinesterase: A New Tool for Monitoring Exposure to Organophosphorus Pesticides11-142011Environmental Issues
Pate, Michael L., et al.Food and Health Safety for Specialty Crop Production Workers12-012012Health
Stuthridge, R.W. et al.Reducing Design Process Errors for Agricultural Assistive Technology12-032012Disabilities
Bookman, Jedidiah A. et al.Describing Agricultural Injury in Ohio: An Exploration of Bureau of Workers' Compensation Injury Claims12-042012Injury/Fatality
Reed, D.B. et al.Getting to the Heart of the Story: A Qualitative Look at Injuries and Close Calls Reported by Children and Adults12-052012Injury/Fatality
Hacault, Marcel2011 Farm Safety Report Card12-062012Statistics
Blahey, Glen G.Establishing a Canadian National Occupational Standard12-072012International
Mann, Andrew J. et al.A Meta-Analysis of Competencies Identified in Current Programs Designed to Satisfy Training Exemptions of rht Agricultural Hazardous Occupations Orders (AgH.O.s), 12-082012Worker Environment
Murphy, S. et al.A Quantitative Look at Injuries and Close Calls Reported by Children Who Attended a Farm Safety Day12-092012Injury/Fatality
Anderson, CoryOverstretching the Slow-Moving Vehicle Emblem's Abilities: Lessons from the Swartzentruber Amish12-102012Transportation
Rautiainen, Risto. et al.Development and Evaluation of Farm Risk Map Tools12-112012Education/Programming
Field, W.E. et al.The 2011 Proposed Rule Changes to the Agricultural Hazardous Occupations Order - A Failure to Communicate12-122012Worker Environment
Geng et al.Hazards for Farmers with Disabilities: Working in Cold Environments12-132012Disabilities
William E. et al.Worker Hazards Associated with the Use of Grain Vacuum Systems, 12-142012Worker Environment
Donham, Kelley J. et al.Agricultural Medicine Education, the AgriSafe Network, and the Certified Safe Farm: A U.S. Model Providing Structure and Service for Occupational Health in Agriculture12-152012Health
Serap Gorucu, et alDine (Navajo) Parents and Community Leaders Perceptions of Agricultural-Related Injury Risk to Youth: A Social Narrative13-012013Youth
Geng et al.Risk Assessment of Working Environment During Cattle Handling on Pasture using WEST-AG, Q13-022013Worker Environment
Yoder, Aarom M.Development and Testing of an Online Agricultural Safety and Health Course13-032013Health
Jinnah-Ghelani, Hamida A.Farm Fathers Adopt Tractor Safety Practices for the Sake of Their Youth13-042013Youth
William E. Field, et al.Summarization of Injury and Fatality Factors Involving Youth and Grain Storage and Handling Facilities in Agriculture13-052013Youth
Bo Liu, et al.A Vehicle Rollover/Accident Prevention, Education, Training and Emergency Reporting System13-062013Education/Programming
NO AuthorUnderstanding Farmers' Tolerance of High Risk Work: An Apprenticeship of Observation13-072013Behavior/Attitude
Serap Gorucu, et al.Perception of Tilt Angles of an Agricultural Tractor13-082013Tractors
Cole, Henry P.ATV Riding Practices and Injury Events among Rural Kentucky High School Students13-092013Youth
Abend, E.The Relationship of a MotherÕs Role on the Family Farm and Her Perceptions of a ChildÕs Risk for Injury97-111997Youth
Abend, Ellen L., Eric M. Hallman and John G. PollockDecreasing Injury Rates Through Voluntary Participation In Worker Training Programs98-21998Education/Programming
Adekoya, N. and J.R. MyersFatal Agricultural Work Injuries From Harmful Substances or Environments in the United States, 1992-199699-211999Injury/Fatality
Aherin, RobertOperating Agricultural Equipment on Public Roads2009MachinerySummer
Aherin, RobertProfessional Development and You1981Education/ProgrammingOctober, Annual Meeting
Aherin, Robert A.Understanding the Safety Behavior of Farmers1986Behavior/AttitudeSummer
Aherin, Robert A., Hallam D., Main D. and A. HunterRespiratory Health of Swine Workers2003HealthJune, Annual Meeting
Alberg, NormaPlay For Keeps - How Safe Is The Farm Environment For Manitoba Farm Children?98-41998Youth
Ambe, Fokwa and Dennis J. MurphyDifferences Among Aged, Middle Aged, and Young Adult Tractor Operators in Pennsylvania93-21993Tractors
Andrews, Joseph H.The Highway Traffic Act and Farm Equipment on Public Roads1985InternationalSummer
Arble, WilliamSilo Fires1987FireSummer
Arble, WilliamFires in Grain Handling Facilities1987FireSummer
Arnold, G., Jepsen, D., and J. HedrickFormative Evaluation of a Farm Safety Program: A Survey of Participants and their Parents2004YouthJune
Ayers, Paul and Mac LegaultPromoting Ag Safety & Health in Colorado1992HealthSummer
Bchman, JanetThe Safety Professional and Professional Liability1980ProfessionalismSummer
Bak, Patricia4-H Hoechst Pesticide Safety Kit Sales Program1988Pesticides/ChemicalsSummer
Baker, A.E., Esser, N.M. and B.C. LeeA Qualitative Assessment of ChildrenÕs Farm Safety Day Camp Programs2002YouthSummer
Baker, DavidTraining of Agricultural Chemical Dealers1989Pesticides/ChemicalsOctober, Annual Meeting
Baker, David, et al.Ag Health Promotion System in Missouri1992HealthSummer
Baker, L.D.Health Survey of Michigan Farmers1974HealthOctober, Annual Meeting
Bartz, P., Schermann, M.A., Shutske, J.M., Moua, M.K., Vue, P. and Lee, T.TEvaluation of Storytelling in Hmong to Deliver Agricultural Safety and Health Information2007InternationalAnnual Meeting
Bean, Dr. Thomas L. Picking up Extra Cash1987MiscellaneousSummer
Bean, ThomasFocus of the Ohio Cooperative Agreement Program for an Agricultural Health Promotion System1992HealthSummer
Beaver, R.L. and W.E. FieldSummary of Documented Fatalities and Injuries in Livestock Manure Storage Facilities, 1975-20032004Injury/FatalityJune
Beaver, R.L. and W.E. FieldSummary of On-Farm Manure Storage-Related EntrapmentsStructures
Beaver, R.L. and W.E. FieldAssessing the Nature, Frequency, and Causations of Entrapments and Fatalities Associated with On-Farm Storage and Handling of Livestock Manure2006Injury/FatalityAnnual Meeting
Becker, TonyAccident Reconstruction1994Incident/Accident ReconstructionSummer
Becker, Dr. WilliamDevelopment of a Pesticide Policy and Procedure Manual1987Pesticides/ChemicalsSummer
Becker, William J.Analysis of Highway Safety Laws for Agricultural Vehicles, Equipment and Personnel1991TransportationSummer
Beer, Shane R. and W.E. FieldAnalysis of Power-Take-Off-Related Injuries and Fatalities2003Injury/FatalityJune, Annual Meeting
Beer, Shane R. and W.E. FieldAnalysis of Power-Take-Off-Related Injuries and Fatalities2004Injury/FatalityJune, Annual Meeting
Bellinger, Page et alManufacturerÕs and FarmerÕs Responsibility in Product Safety1970MiscellaneousSummer
Bellman, H.E.Safety Concerns as Related to Farm Silos1990StructuresSummer
Bennett, JamesAgricultural Safety - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow An Industry Perspective1980MiscellaneousSummer
Beyer, RichardHow a Family Deals with Disability1991DisabilitiesOctober, Annual Meeting
Bicknell, RalphAir Sampling in Agricultural Confinement1985Environmental IssuesSummer
Blewitt, Richard F.IndustryÕs Responsibility for Safety with Pesticides1980Pesticides/ChemicalsSummer
Bobick, Thomas G and John R. MyersBack Injuries in Agriculture: Occupations Affected92-011992Injury/Fatality
Brazelton, Robert W.Preparing Effective Extension Safety Publications1977ProfessionalismSummer
Brazelton, Robert W.CaliforniaÕs Approach to Chemical Safety1985Pesticides/ChemicalsSummer
Brockhaus, Herman H.Getting Your Message Across1978Education/ProgrammingSummer
Brown, Deborah R., Dr. Thomas L. Bean and Dr. N.L. McCaslinFactors Influencing Farm EmployeesÕ Attitudes Toward Safety1997Behavior/AttitudeSummer
Brown, George M.Fire Extinguisher Demonstration - How to do it1980Education/ProgrammingSummer
Browning, S.R., S.C. Westneat and R.A. DavisWork Exposures and Risk of Cattle-Related Injuries on Kentucky Beef Cattle Farms2005Worker EnvironmentAnnual Meeting
Bullock S.R., W.E. Field, and B.F. FrenchReport on Comparative Analysis of a Visually Based Curriculum vs. Traditional Text Based Curriculum2005Education/ProgrammingSummer
Burgus, ShariStrengthening Community Action for Safety94-61994Education/Programming
Burgus, S., J. Goldsmith and D. ReedRural Road Safety2000TransportationSummer
Burgus, S. and T. KeningerGenerations of Farm Safety and Health2000HealthSummer
Burnett, ClaronImproving our Visuals1978MiscellaneousSummer
Burns, E.A. and R. PetreaIllinois TASK Curriculum Review Opinions of TASK Student Trainers and Agricultural Education Student Teacher Candidates00-112000Education/Programming
Campbell, William and W.E. FieldSummary of On-Farm PTO Related Fatalities1986Injury/FatalitySummer
Campbell, W.P. et alAn Investigation of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Incidents in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska and Ohio2008Injury/FatalitySummer
Carlomagno, Frank J.Concerns About Eye Protection in Agriculture1984P.P.E.Summer
Carrabba, J.J. and W.E. FieldEffectiveness of the Indiana 4-H Tractor Program at Instilling Safe Tractor Operating Behavior and Attitude in Youth99-61999Youth
Cavaletto, Richard AOregon Agricultural Injury Survey89-51989Injury/Fatality
Cavaletto, Richard A. and Nettie R. BitherEvaluating the Safety Needs of the California Beef Cattle Industry93-11993Worker Environment
Cavaletto, Richard A. and Nettie R. BitherTrain-The-Trainer Program For Tractor Safety98-71998Tractors
Cavendish, John MAlcohol and Drug Abuse on the Farm1984HealthSummer
Chamberlain, D., A. Stark, S. Hwang, and J. MayOn-Farm Hazards Data Collection: 580 New York State Farms98-91998Statistics
Chapman, Larry J. et al.How Wisconsin Farmers View Agricultural Work Hazards and Prevention Efforts1993Behavior/AttitudeSummer
Chapman, Larry W., Ronald T. Schuler, Cherly A. Skjolaas and Terry L. WilkinsonCounty Extension Faculty Evaluation of a Farm Hazard Prevention Program in Wisconsin92-061992Education/Programming
Clark, Dr. RichardDevelopmental Characteristics of Children: A Framework for Age Appropriate Tasks1994YouthSummer
Clark, Scott AReliable Monitoring Systems for Agriculture - What Took Them So Long1980ResearchOctober, Annual Meeting
Claunch, Deborah, T., Deborah B. Reed, Debra McCallum and Susan ReynoldsA Little Child Shall Lead Them Ð The Secondary Impact of Farm Safety Day Camps2009YouthSummer
Cole, Henry P., Susan C. Westneat, and Melvin L MyersChore at Time of Fatal and Serious Injuries from Overturns of Non-ROPS and ROPS Tractors2010Injury/FatalitySummer
Cole, Henry P.Evaluation of Paper and Pencil and CD-ROM Versions of a Farm Safety and Economics Simulation Exercise2002ResearchSummer
Cole, Henry P.Integration of Psychology & Epidemiology to Improve Farm Safety Instruction: Theory, Methods, Examples and Outcomes2003Behavior/AttitudeJune, Annual Meeting
Cole, Henry P.The Johnstown Flood of 1889 Ð Its Relevance to Understanding and Preventing Human Caused Mass Disasters in the 21st Century2005Emergency/PreparednessAnnual Meeting
Cole, H.P., Piercy, L., Westneat, S.C. and Arrowsmith, HFFA StudentsÕ Inspection of Farm Tractor Roadway Safety Status2005TractorsAnnual Meeting
Cole, Henry, Melvin Myers, and Susan Westneat. Frequency and Severity of Injuries to Operators During Overturns of Farm Tractors Without ROPS2004TractorsAnnual Meeting
Cole, H.P., P.S. Kidd, S.G. Isaacs, M. Parshall and T. ScharfEmpowering Farm Families to Manage Labor and Finances to Reduce Injury Events96-T011996Injury/Fatality
Cole, H., J. Lindberg, T. Struttmann, V. Brandt, J. Muehlbauer, L. Piercy, R. Perera, and A. ScheererHow and Why Kentucky Farmers Retrofit Their Tractors with ROPS99-171999Tractors
Cole, H.P., R.H. McKnight and G.C. RodgersTraining Health Care Providers to Diagnose, Treat, and Prevent Green Tobacco Sickness96-T021996Health
Cole, H.P., S.C. Westneat and M.L. MyersFrequency and Severity of Operator Injuries During Overturns of Farm Tractors Without ROPS2004TractorsJune
Cole, H.P., S.C. Westneat and M.L. MyersRatio of Non-fatal to Fatal Operator Injuries for Overturns of Farm Tractors without ROPS2006TractorsAnnual Meeting
Conrads, John A.How to Communicate Technical Information More Effectively1981Education/ProgrammingSummer
Cook, G.Using Volunteers in Extension Farm Safety Programs97-31997Education/Programming
Crawford, J.M., D. Atrubin, and J.R. Wilkins IIISelf-Reported Symptoms of Neurotoxicity and Agricultural Injuries among Ohio Cash Grain Farmers2004Injury/FatalityJune
Crooks, Ray C. et al.The Hurricane and Tornado Problem1970Emergency/PreparednessSummer
Cooper, D.Iowa Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance (HSEES) 2001-2002 Report on Anhydrous Ammonia2004Pesticides/ChemicalsJune
Crown, Betty et al.Comfort of Disposable Protective Coveralls for Agricultural Use1988P.P.E.Summer
Damon, J.A., J.R. Wilkins III, J.M. Crawford, D.W. Chrislip, J. Russo, and A. FerketichNeurobehavioral Effects of Organophosphate (OP) Insecticides Among Children and Adolescents of OP Applicators2004YouthJune
Day, DonOutside Wood Stoves1985StructuresSummer
Davis, Dr. Jack and Dr. Lloyd BlantonA Model for 4-H Program Development88-11988Youth
Davis, Jack W. et alGet Fired Up: An In - School Fire Safety Program1986FireSummer
DeBarr, KathyFriends and Family, Implications for Youth Tractor Safety94-71994Tractors
Dervin, KathyA Model Program for Occupational Pesticide Illness Prevention: The ÔSensorÕ Project in Fresno County89-61989Pesticides/Chemicals
de St Paer, ClaudeFarm Bureau In - Depth Farm Accident Studies1972Incident/Accident ReconstructionSummer
de St Paer, ClaudeProblems and Successes of New State Agricultural Safety Programs1976Education/ProgrammingOctober, Annual Meeting
DiBello, DonaldTheme Partners in Agricultural Safety and Health1987HealthSummer
DeGuiseppe, GaryCommunicating Farm Safety With and Through the Media1991ProfessionalismOctober, Annual Meeting
Dilger, PaulPull - In Entanglement Accident Simulator1989Incident/Accident ReconstructionSummer
Dinning, JimFarm Safety: An Attitude to Grow On1988Behavior/AttitudeSummer
Dolan, M., R.W. Neimeier, P.H. Jones and J.S. NelsonThe New National Ag Safety Database (NASD) on the Web & CD-ROMs1998Education/ProgrammingSummer
Donham, Kelly et al.Facilities and Health Problems in Livestock Confinement1981HealthSummer
Donham, KellyEmbracing a National Agenda and Policy for Agricultural Safety and Health1991HealthOctober, Annual Meeting
Donham, Kelley, J. Lang and R. RautiainenRespiratory Health Risks of Swine Producers: Benefits of the Certified Safe Farm (CSF)2007HealthAnnual Meeting
Donham, Kelly J., P. O'Shaughnessy, T. Peters, K. Kelly, and C. TaylorTask Variability in Dust Exposure to Workers in Swine Buildings2009Worker EnvironmentSummer
Donham, Kelly et al.Unintentional Needle Sticks Ð A Special Risk for Women in Livestock Production2008HealthSummer
Dorris, Alan L.Manufacturers Product Safety Programs1981Education/ProgrammingSummer
Doty, B. and D. MarlengaState Laws Regulating Youth Farm Tractor Operations on Public Roads2005YouthSummer
Downs, Michelle D. and Robert A. AherinPrevalence of Lighting & Marking on Farm Equipment Operated on Illinois Roadways2009Lighting and MarkingSummer
DuBose, Sarah M.South CarolinaÕs Success Story - Get Fired Up1992MiscellaneousSummer
Duerfeldt, BenFour Questions About Safety1974MiscellaneousSummer
Duncan, Jerry P.Human Factors1981Worker EnvironmentSummer
Dunn, M. James.Relevance of Marketing Concepts to Farm Safety Programs1993Education/ProgrammingSummer
Earle-Richardson, Giulia, M. Brower, J.J. May, and P.L. JenkinsDeveloping a new surveillance method for Agricultural Injury based on ambulance reports2009Injury/FatalitySummer
Ehlers, Janet and Teri PalermoCommunity Partners for Healthy Farming1997HealthSummer
Ehlers, Janet, Herbert Venable, Kenneth Wallingford, Dennis Roberts, Donald Booher, Roger Chapman, Mary Kahler and Wendy KuhseSmall Engines Produce Hazardous Levels of Carbon Monoxide: Farmers are Poisoned while Cleaning Animal Housing94-131994Pesticides/Chemicals
Elkind, PamelaConflicts & Compromises in Safety and Decision Making2003Injury/FatalityJune, Annual Meeting
Engle, T.D.Halon Extinguishers in Agriculture1985FireSummer
Erisman, GaryA College Curriculum in Farm Safety1968Education/ProgrammingSUmmer
Erisman, GaryWhat Do They Get from Your Pitch1980Education/ProgrammingOctober, Annual Meeting
Erisman, GaryBasic Accident Statistics1991StatisticsSummer
Erisman, G.The Proposed ANSI Z590 Standard - Implications for Ag. Safety2000MachinerySummer
Esser, N.M., A. Baker and B.C. LeeStrenghts and Weaknesses of ChildrenÕs Farm Safety Day Camps.Ó2001YouthSummer
Esser, N. and B. LeeBoth Sides of Fence: Complex Issues in Agriculture Health and Safety2001HealthSummer
Etter, Irwin B.Remarks by Vice President, Safety and Health, National Safety Council1987MiscellaneousSummer
Eveloff, VivianWorker Right-To-Know: An Agricultural Perspective1985Worker EnvironmentSummer
Feldman, C.Equestrain Safety Education: A Personal Testimony2000Education/ProgrammingSummer
Field, W.E., S.R. Bullock and G.R. BertolineResearch Review Related to the Utilization of Graphic-Based Material to Communicate Important Agricultural Safety Messages to Youth with Limited Literacy Skills2004ResearchJune
Fenton, G.D. et alA Survey of Selected Occupational Health Characteristics of Women Working on Dairy Farms in Pennsylvania2008Worker EnvironmentSummer
Fenton, G.D. et alOccupational Health-Related Behaviors and Habits of Women Working on Dairy Farms in Pennsylvania2008Worker EnvironmentSummer
Field, W.E., G.R. Deboy and P.J. JonesDistribution of Disability Within the Farm and Ranch Population2005DisabilitiesSummer
Fisher, R.M. and B. MarlengaPerception of a ChildrenÕs Exposures to Farm Work Hazards on Management Intensive Grazing Operation2008YouthSummer
Fletcher, W.J.Analysis of Anhydrous Ammonia Accidents to Determine Corrective Measures1978Pesticides/ChemicalsSummer
Fluegal, C. LanceThe Arizona Agricultural Health Promotion System1992HealthSummer
Freeman, S.A., C.V. Schwab, and J.L.P. JudgeAn Investigation of the Physical Parameters of PTO Entanglements2005Injury/FatalitySummer
Freeman, S.A., C.V. Schwab, and Q. JiangQuantifying Farm Stressors2007Education/ProgrammingAnnual Meeting
Freeman, S.A., C.V. Schwab, and P.E. PattersonQuantifying Farm Stressors Pilot Study2004Education/ProgrammingAnnual Meeting
Freeman, S.A.The Role of Volunteer Farm Safety Organizations: A Case Study of the Iowa Farm Safety Council2002Education/ProgrammingSummer
French, Brian F., Myron D. McClure and William E. FieldFactor Invariance of the Written Exam across Caucasian and African American2009ResearchSummer
French, Brian F., Myron D. McClure, William E. Field and Roger TormoehlenItem Invariance of the Written Exam across Caucasian and African American2010ResearchSummer
French, B., R. Tormoehlem, and W. FieldPerformance Standards for the Hazardous Occupations Order for Agriculture Certification Training Program Exam2006Education/ProgrammingAnnual Meeting
Garkovich, LorraineA Sociological perspective on Farm Safety and Health: Are Your Risks Their Risks1993HealthSummer
Gillette, Jason, C., T.R. Derrick, C.V. Schwab, S.A. Freeman. C.A. Stevermer and S.A. MeardonNo Title2007Annual Meeting
Gillette, J.C. et al.Effects of Asymmetric Carrying Tasks on Lower Extremity Kinematics in Farm Children2008YouthSummer
Gilmore, CharlesProfessionalism in Agricultural Safety1982ProfessionalismSummer
Grafft, LaMar, Aaron Kline, Risto Rautiainen and Kelley DonhamA Complete Safety Program for a Large Iowa Farm2009Education/ProgrammingSummer
Graham, K. and J.D. LibbinWorker Protection Standards: Adjustments, Compliance, and Costs96-T041996Worker Environment
Grodner, Mary L.Putting Pesticides in Proper Perspective1991Pesticides/ChemicalsSummer
Guard, Delmar and Will ErwinA FarmerÕs View of Farm Safety1969Education/ProgrammingSummer
Guice, WadeCivil Defense - - Hurricane Camille1973Emergency/PreparednessSummer
Guidotti, Tee L.Risk Assessment and Herbicides1988Pesticides/ChemicalsSummer
Hallam, D., R. Aherin, D. Main and A. HunterPulmonary Analysis of Swine Confinement Workers2004Worker EnvironmentJune
Hallman, D., R. Aherin, D. Main and A. HunterRespiratory Health of Swine Workers2004Worker Environment
Hallman, Eric M.Structuring a Farm Safety Survey: Research vs. Education1993Education/ProgrammingOctober
Hallman, Eric M., John Pollock, Diane Chamberlain, Ellen Abend, Dr. Alice Stark, Syni-An Hwang, and Dr. John MayTractor and Machinery Hazard Surveillance within the New York State FFHHS Project97-91997Machinery
Hallman, Eric, John G. Pollock and Ellen L. AbendEducational Success in Enabling Farm Owners to Provide On-Going Safety and Health Training for their Employees1997Education/ProgrammingSummer
Hallman, Eric, Diana Chamberlain, Dr. John May and Syni-An HwangOn-Farm Hazard Data Collection: Strategies And Results From 580 New York State Farms98-91998Research
Hallman, E. M. and J. PollockLearning From Tragedy: How to Effectively Perform and Utilize an Injury Investigation99-91999Injury/Fatality
Halpin, TedFarm Accident Rescue Training in New York State1987Incident/Accident ReconstructionSummer
Hammer, Dr. WilfriedCrucial Points and Risk in Farm Accidents - Their Determination by Statistical Methods88-91988Incident/Accident Reconstruction
Hammond, W.C. and B.L. TysonLifeline Emergency Stop Mechanism for Farm Machinery1985MachinerySummer
Hancock, J. and K. Sheppard-JonesLivestock Handling Techniques for Agricultural Workers with Mobility Impairments2005DisabilitiesAnnual Meeting
Hanford, W.D.The NSC Report on Eight State Accident Surveys Phase 11972Incident/Accident ReconstructionSummer
Hanford, W.D.Round and Round They Go and Where They Stop - No One Knows (Big Round Bales)1976MachinerySummer
Hanford, W.D.Farm Fuel Hazards and Their Control1982MachinerySummer
Hard, David L. and David FosbrokeBuilding Agricultural Safety & Health Infrastructures Using the Agricultural Health Promotion System Model92-031992Health
Hard, D.L. and J.R. MyersFatal Work-Related Injuries in the Agricultural Production Sector Among Youth in the United States, 1992-20022005YouthSummer
Hartman, Wayne E.Farm and Industrial Equipment Institute Activities1981MachinerySummer
Hansen, MerlinDesign and Test Experiences with Tractor Safety Frames or1966TractorsMarch
Hansen, MerlinUpdating of Industry Safety Standards on Farm Machinery1968MachinerySummer
Hanson, Warren I.Experiences in North Dakota with Safety Frames on Highway Tractors1966TractorsMarch
Harner, Linda M.National Agricultural Injury Surveillance1987Injury/FatalitySummer
Harper, J. and R.L. PolingFarm Leaders for Agricultural Safety and Health Education Programs1996Education/ProgrammingSummer
Harting L., W. Pickett, G. Hlahey, N. Alberg and R. BrisonA Project to Develop the Canadian Agricultural Injury Surveillance Program1996InternationalSummer
Hernandez-Valero, M.A., C.H. Barcenas, Y. Cao, A. Wilkinson, S.S. Strom, M.R. Spitz and M.L. BondyLong-term Health in Migrant & Non-Migrant Farmworkers: Results from a Population-Based Mexican-American Cohort Study2004HealthJune
Heston, Russell E.Engineering Aspects of Electrical Safety1965ElectricalSummer
Hetzel, GlenReport on Agricultural Health Promotion System in Virginia1992HealthSummer
Hetzel, Glen H. and Wei ZhaoUse of Mini-Survey in Safety and Health Programs93-81993Health
Hill, M., J. May, D. Coppolo and P. JenkinsLong Term Effectiveness of a Respiratory Awareness Program for Farmers93-31993Health
Hone, C.J, K. Thu, K. Donham, D. Watson and N. RoyThe Farm Safety and Health Beliefs Scale: Relationship with Financial Stress and Depression00-102000Health
Hoehne, J.A. and J.M. BrumettUsing Spray Tables to Demonstrate Sprayer Performance and Safety1985StatisticsSummer
Holt, James J, Dean T. Stueland and Steven K BrosteMeasurement of Tractor Sound Levels91-31991Tractors
Hoover, Brian, William E. Field, Brian F. French and Roger L. TormoehlenAdjusting Passing Scores for the Gearing Up for Safety: Production Agriculture Safety Training for Youth Curriculum Test Instruments2010YouthSummer
Houk, Dr. Vernon N.Carcinogens in Drinking Water and Water Quality Standards1987Pesticides/ChemicalsOctober
Huizinga, Michael and Dr. Dennis MurphyA Personalized Mail Survey for Collecting Agricultural Accident Data88-41988Statistics
Humann, Michael, Wayne Sanderson, Genna Moore and Greg FlammeNoise Exposure Among Rural Youth2009YouthSummer
Ibrahim, M.J., G. Hetzel and J. HillisonFarm Safety and Health Needs Among Limited-Resource Farmers In Selected Counties of North Carolina00-082000Health
Introito, Julie Russo, Peter J. Griffin, Norma Alberg, Dr. Ted Redekop and Glen BlaheyHearing Test Results Of Manitoba Farmers98-211998International
Iowa State University ExtensionIowa State University Extension - 4-H Equestrain Helmet Policy2000YouthSummer
Iverson, Steven H.Agricultural Safety in an Industrial Setting1985Education/ProgrammingSummer
Jedele, D.G.Safety and Civil Defense in Farm Building Trends1966StructuresSummer
Jepsen, S. DeeFarm Hazard Assessments Utilizing Electronic Data Acquisition Methods1994ResearchSummer
Jepsen, S. Dee, T.L. Bean, J.M. Crawford, J.R. Wilkins III and S.J. ArnoldThe Ohio State University Compares its Agricultural Tractors to the ASAE Safety Standards94-101994Tractors
Jepsen, Dee, T. Bean, D. Murphy, J. Hilton, A. Yoder and Sam SteelThe First Step in Evaluating the National Tractor Certification Program? Ask the People2003TractorsJune
Jepsen, DeeThe U.S.D.A. Department of Labor Tractor Certification Program: A Report from Community Educators2007TractorsAnnual Meeting
Jepsen, Dee and A. BeaudreaultReducing Ohio Farm Injuries: A Decade of Progress Through Farm Safety Day Camps2008Injury/FatalitySummer
Jester, Ronald C.Young Farm Workers: Their Knowledge and Attitude About Safety91-51991Youth
Johnson, Arthur T.Effects of Physical Stress on the Respiratory System1984HealthSummer
Jones, ErieEarthquake Potential in the Central United States1985Emergency/PreparednessSummer
Jones, P.J. and W.E. FieldFarm Safety Educational Package for Use with Amish Children2007YouthAnnual Meeting
Jones, P.J. and W.E. FieldA Brief Overview of the Amish Response to Terror and Emergencies2008Emergency/PreparednessSummer
Jones, M.S. and C.A. KoetkePhotonovels: Educational Resources to Prevent Agricultural Illnesses and Injuries99-71999Education/Programming
Jones, Dr. Pierce and William J. BeckerDevelopment of a CD-ROM in Agricultural Safety1992Education/ProgrammingOctober, Annual Meeting
Jones, PierceNASD Ô95: The National Ag Safety Database for 199595-41995Education/Programming
Karlovich, Raymond and D.V. JensenHearing Sensitivity Survey in Rural Wisconsin1974HealthOctober
Karsky, T.Teaching and Agricultural Safety by Distance Education in Idaho2000Education/ProgrammingSummer
Karsky, T.J. et al.Small Scale Biodiesel Safety2008MachinerySummer
Karttunen, K and R. RautiainenWork Ability Index Among Finnish Dairy Farmers2008Worker EnvironmentSummer
Keepers, HughControlling Liquid Petroleum Gas hazards1982StructuresSummer
Kelly, Kevin W. and William E. FieldCharacteristics of Flowing Grain-Related Entrapments and Suffocations in On-Farm Grain Storage Facilities and Grain Transport Vehicles95-21995Structures
Kelly, SkonaWhy the Carcinogenicity of Chlorophenoxy Herbicides Remains an Unresolved Issue90-51990Pesticides/Chemicals
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