JIm Williams - Conference 2010

James L. Williams
Southern Field Coordinator,
AgrAbility Unlimited-Illinois

Current job description:
I provide displays at farm events, recruit and work with 55-plus volunteers for AgrAbility, and help promote AgrAbility with the purpose of finding new clients.

ISASH activity:
Current co-chair, PR Committee; member, Endowment Committee, previous President. Member since 1962 (charter member).

Why did you decide to join ISASH?
My director, Ward Cross, and one of the founding fathers said a young person like me would enhance their career by joining, and he was right!

What do you see as the greatest challenge for agricultural safety and health?
Increasing efforts to change attitudes and behavior about safety and health for agriculture.

What do you see as priorities for ISASH?
Increasing the number of memberships, especially from agribusiness corporations and state Farm Bureaus.
Attracting practitioners as members who are active as state or regional safety and health leaders.
Increasing corporate memberships and support.
Increasing safety and health information to agriculture.

What has been one of your most memorable experiences with ISASH?
There are many, but highly significant was seeing research presented, then seeing the organization moving the effort forward and eventually seeing the Slow Moving Vehicle emblem go international.

What is one great piece of advice you’ve received in your career?
Seek new information about a wide range of subjects. This was important for my career because I had a degree in agriculture with almost no safety education, and yet my job was almost totally about safety. ISASH provided much of that essential help for me and my staff for many years.

Contact: 309-663-1185, jimwillms@earthlink.net.

Williams, semi-retired, lives in Bloomington, Ill. He holds a bachelor’s degree in
agriculture from Southern Illinois University.