Since it has been proven that many newly purchased ATV’s are involved in an injurious accident to the new purchaser;

Whereas little if any safe operating procedure or safe riding education has been provided to new purchasers;

Whereas it has been suggested that the manufacturers or seller of such new equipment should accept some responsibility for the safety and well being of the purchaser of such new products;

Whereas it is felt that many serious injuries and fatalities could be avoided by proper operator safety education programs;

Be it therefore resolved…

…that all manufacturers or sellers of new ATV’s have or their respective dealerships have available an ATV safety program to be shown to all prospective and new consumers at the time of or prior to purchase of all new ATV’s;

And, be it further resolved…

…that such a safety program be jointly produced and/or approved by the National Safety Council, NIFS, the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.