Whereas as of June 12, 1977, the National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc., adopted a resolution identifying a hazardous condition in the non-standardization of the diesel engine shut-off mechanism;

Whereas this condition was identified to the ASAE and the FIEI on the above date;

Futhermore it was requested that the ASAE develop appropriate standards designating location, identification and direction of movement for a diesel engine shut-off;

And, whereas, the FIEI proposal as submitted to ASAE does not fully agree with the NIFS proposal of June 12, 1977;

Specifically the NIFS recommends the following changes:

10.2 A key switch stop control is preferred and the rotation shall be counterclockwise.

10.3 Should a separate mechanical pull-to-stop control or an electrical switch control be used, the following shall apply:

10.3.1 The control shall be located within six inches of the key switch and shall be clearly and permanently identified.

Delete 10.4 NIFS does not desire an engine stop control combined with engine speed control.

Futhermore a sub-committee of the NIFS Tractor and Machinery Committee has been established to prepare a proposed Standard for submittal to ASAE which is in accordance with this resolution;

Be it therefore resolved…

…that the National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc., opposes the November 1980 FIEI proposal to amend ASAE S335.