Whereas the nation annually suffers a tragic and needless loss of human life and property together with extravagant waste of our natural resources through fire;

Whereas fire prevention and suppression activities have had only scattered local direction and support;

Whereas there is a widely recognized need for federal and state assistance in the fields of fire prevention, control and education which justifies massive support on the Federal and State levels;

Whereas we members of national and state insurance associations, represnetatives of the educational and safety fields, and members of state, national, and international fire service organizations are in full agreement and support of the concept of establishing a United States Fire Administration with its component division of a National Fire Academy;

And, whereas, it is noted that efforts are under way to use existing academic facilities to establish the National Fire Academy at vast savings to the taxpayer and that the Academy can be in use in one year from now is noted and endorsed;

Be it therefore resolved…

…that we fully support and commit ourselves to this uncommon effort and that we dedicate ourselves to this legislative goal for the ultimate national benefit.