Whereas it is commonly recognized that the “extra rider” on a tractor is exposed to much greater hazard than is the tractor operator;

Whereas there is great temptation to utter a blunt admonition of NO RIDERS;

Whereas there is no positive requirement to heed such an admonition;

Whereas the only discipline applicable to the situation is self discipline on the part of the tractor operator, the potential “extra rider,” or both;

Whereas it is also recognized that there may be on occasion certain mitigating or justifying circumstances surrounding the presence of an “extra rider” on the tractor, it is judged by the Tractor and Machinery Committee that the NO RIDERS message applied to the tractor in the form of a decalcomania or similar manner may not be as adequate, effective, or wise as an intensive informational effort to explain the “extra rider” problem;

Whereas it is further believed by the Tractor and Machinery Committee of NIFS that each potential “extra rider” situation demands individual analysis and balancing of risk against need;

Whereas it is believed by the Tractor and Machinery Committee that sound judgments are likely to be reached only by alert and informed individuals who are aware of the potential hazard in the “extra rider” practice;

And, whereas, the USDA through its monthly emphasis safety program reaches great numbers of farm and farm-oriented persons;

Be it therefore resolved…

…that those in charge of the monthly safety emphasis program of USDA be urged to bring sharply to the attention of the listening or reading public at appropriate time such as “Tractor Month” or “Harvest Month” the need for keen analysis and sound judgment in minimizing the “extra rider” hazard;

And, be it further resolved…

…that a copy of this resolution be transmitted to the appropriate individual(s) in the United States Department of Agriculture.