Whereas people living in rural areas have virtually no other means of receiving warning of tornadoes, severe weather or nuclear disaster other than broadcast AM and FM radio, and television, and must be listening to a station to receive thewarning, and severe weather can strike during sleeping hours when people are not listening to broadcasts, and many lives have been lost for lack of warning;

Whereas the National Industry Advisory Committee of the National Association of Broadcasters has been field testing a warning to utilize regular AM, FM, and TV broadcasting, with a two-tone alerting system to turn on receivers before giving a warning message;

Whereas test results appear to be satisfactory;

Be it therefore resolved…

…that the National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc., go on record as favoring and recommending:

  1. that the necessary steps be taken to secure the mandatory inclusion by manufacturers of the necessary tone-operated relays and associated equipment to utilize this system in all receivers offered for sale which plug into household current. 
  2. that the broadcasting stations be equipped to transmit the two-tone signal to activate these receivers, and use this signal previous to announcements of tornado and other severe weather warnings, as well as nuclear emergency. 
  3. that adapters to use this system be made available at the lowest cost possible for attachment to existing plug-in receivers.