Be it resolved…… that the National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc., commend Mr. Edwin L. Kirby, administrator of Extension Service, USDA, for his support of the present rural safety effort and his appointment of a committee to appraise future needs in this important problem area and that the National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc., also commend these members of the Extension Service staff who have provided technical leadership and assistance in the interest of safety;

Whereas the National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc., sees an urgent need for nationally identified leadership on the part of the USDA Extension Service;

Whereas the National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc., is composed of professional safety leaders from farm organizations, farm equipment manufacturers, the National Safety Council, universities, governmental agencies, and other groups, all of whom look to the Extension Service to implement Secretary’s Memorandum No. 1364;

Whereas if this function is not assumed by the USDA Extension Service, then other non-agriculturally oriented regulatory agencies will fill this void;

And Whereas the Extension Service being agriculturally oriented is the proper agency to assume this educational function, but at the present time is inadequately staff to do so;

And, be it further resolved…… that the USDA Extension Service employ, as promptly as possible, a person who can fulfill this leadership role, such person to be hired on a continuing basis, or if this is impossible, on a contractual basis with one of the State Extension Services.