Be it resolved that the National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc., recommend that in the event that adequate OCD funds are again available for State Extension Rural Civil Defense programs that:

  1. Every effort should be made to use the funds to make Rural Civil Defense a part of any existing Farm Safety program and to have the same person as program leader for both Farm Safety and Rural Civil Defense rather than to have separate programs and program leaders. 
  2. Every effort should be made to use any additional funds to promote the inclusion of Rural Civil Defense in every program area, where appropriate, rather than to have more than one full-time person in Rural Civil Defense. 
  3. Agricultural engineers who are qualified shelter analyst instructors should be stationed at Land Grant Universities in various sections of the United States (a) to study shelter and related problems of rural people in that area of the country, and (b) to help with individual requests, demonstrations, exhibits, and other means of encouraging shelter for rural people and livestock. 
  4. Adequate leadership in Rural Civil Defense should also be provided in the Extension Service of the USDA for each program area. 
  5. Funds should not be allocated until effective leadership is available.